January Magazine Content Analysis

 Images per magazine featuring head to toe stripes:

Vogue: 2

Elle: 3

Harper’s Bazaar: 0

Marc Jacobs was all over the magazines this month!

Near the front of Vogue was a Marc Jacobs ad featuring his show-opener, Ruby Jean Wilson, in one of his striped maxidresses. The main spread depicted models Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson in his colorful striped jacket/skirt sets.






Elle had head-to-toe stripes in three images: a Michael Kors top and skirt and a waxy Marc Jacobs in a retrospective of the S/S 2013 collections, and a girlish blue and white Gucci dress in a spread highlighting actress Bella Heathcote.






Strangely, Harper’s Bazaar didn’t feature the trend at all! Except for a pair of pants in a spread, stripes were absent from the magazine. It remains to be seen if they will catch up in the next few months.

Bella Heathcote for Elle (January 2013)


Spread from Vogue (January 2013) featuring Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy


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