Fashion Flashback- Stripes Through the Ages

Head-to-toe stripes have been part of fashion for years:

trend graph

I scoured my favorite street style blogs from around the world and added up how many people each year sported head-to-toe stripes. I saw very few images from fall and winter, and the vast majority of the images fell between March and August. Since most of the looks were worn in spring and summer,  I have concluded that this stripes trend is a seasonal staple, and has been since 2010. As shown by the graph,  the trend grows even more popular every year.

For the  2013 cycle I think we are in the rise now. We will hit the peak in June. As the weather warms up we will almost certainly see more maxidresses being worn.


Shelley Mulshine (July 2010)

Katariina of Finland (August 2010)

Nozomi of Japan (August 2010)


A woman spotted in Antwerp (August 2011)

Chictopia user fashionzen of Amsterdam (June 2011)

blogger Chiara Ferragni (March 2011)


Chictopia user sorelleinstyle of New York

Chictopia user anuta (March 2012)

Chictopia user myfashiontale of Romania

Historical Examples

Martha and the Vandellas (they sang “Dancing in the Street”) in 1966

Paul Poiret dress (c. 1910)

Gorgeous Chanel dress (c. 1930)

This gown dates back to the 1780s!

A lovely dress from the 1870s


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